I could cancel my order and get all the monies back from the turbo kit, save up for a few months and buy a brand new, built longblock with a cnc’d head, spec’d to handle sustained RPM of 8400, flowing 20% better than stock at minimum and built for 150 hours of track life, which basically means 7-9 years of normal daily driving and occasional racing.

The turbo kit is fantastic... But. It’s almost TOO good. Serious overkill for a stock engine. Should I wait on boost, and try the built engine route? On the plus side, it’s offered as a joint effort by the designer of the turbo kit (so literally the best person to brainstorm potential future ideas with) and the guy who designed the cnc head, Mr 949 Racing himself, who is a Miata genius. Designed my suspension, along with more race-proven parts for the greater Miata community than probably any other single person.

What I’m trying to say is... I know I’ll be getting the absolute best whether I get the turbo kit, or do the Longblock. Engine first (with standalone ECU) I’ll gain roughly 20hp with a decent tune, which is huge for a BP. Plus the aforementioned rev limiter increase. And it would quite literally be the best base for future forced induction, easily handling the 300hp I was gunning for with Ze turbo without breaking a sweat. While retaining OEM driveability and longevity. Gaaaaah there are too many choices. Nevermind

Im selling the Miata and buying a Corolla.