I'm looking for a minivan for an elderly friend, and searched for 'town and country' on my local CL. There were a lot of unrelated things in the results, so I switched to only search on the cars & trucks category, but noticed that one disappeared, so I went back to see what it was. Lets count the mistakes here:

It's listed in 'appliances'; okay, I guess that makes sense; it is a minivan after all. It's got $3000 in the title, and $1046 in the 'price' field. Then there's the fact that it's not a Dodge. Or a truck. Oh, and lastly, the phone number is out-of-state (by about 1,200 miles). I'd say it's just the usual scambait, but how could they possibly make that many mistakes? And it's not even listed for a good price!