Skimmed through and don’t really agree. Selling your car just because you don’t look at it every time, or don’t drive it everyday, is a lot like leaving your significant other because you haven’t had sex in a few days. And other absolutes that I don’t share, as is with all listicles.

For example, if I apply my Celica to the list, I get (yes=regret):

10. yes — that’s what my truck is for
9. yes
8. no
7. yes
6. I guess yes, but other people can kiss my ass, it’s my money.
5. no
4. yes
3. what the fuck is this
2. no
1. yes — outside of my work vehicle, I barely drive compared to most of you

Good God, I should get rid of my Celica? NO. I’m someone who buys vehicles more often than shoes. There is no perfect car for me, and if there were, it would not stop me from turning my head anytime I saw an SC400 or VW Squareback.