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Here's an overly broad and vague question:

How much will it cost me in total to daily an older car for 3 months?

As some of you might know, I’m coming to work in Sunnyvale Palo Alto this summer aaaaall the way from Croatia. The ideal-perfect-mindmeltingly-awesome scenario is that I get a CA. driver’s license and buy a car to get me to work, and then sell it after I’m done. I just gotta make a very round estimate of the costs to prepare.

Have a broad selection of what kinds of cars I’m gonna be looking for:


It’s gotta be something fun. In this case, fun to me means American, a land yacht, a convertible, a small truck, or even a big truck. It can be slow or fast, I have zero interest in performance. This is gonna be my first actual car, so any car is extremely exciting to me just by definition.


So like, a car.

I want the car to be one of those $200-$500 finds, it can be beat up and ugly and worn but it’s gotta be a mechanically reliable daily, as I won’t have tools there, or the time to work on it, and even if I did I have no fckin idea how to do most car stuff.

Jesus I’m so naive and childish this’ll never work. Sorry for wasting your time.
Goddammit. I’ve been watching too many Youtube and Top gear cheap car challenges.


Is this a pipe dream or is it doable?

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