After reading 50ford500's post on moving, I felt obliged to post something similar. My neighbors across the street are moving to the Miami, FL area tomorrow, after exactly one year of owning their home. The husband was transferred with a promotion, and it was really a no brainer for them to move. So far, our neighborhood has been blessed with really great people in the home. When my wife and I moved into our home in 1999, the proverbial little old lady lived there, she made cookies for a daughter when she was little, and was really nice. She passed away in 2008, and a young couple with a daughter the same age as my son moved in. We got along really well, and our two younger kids were fast friends. They moved due to issues with their immediate neighbor, to the great disappointment of everyone on the street. But the current owners, who are now moving, were cool. The husband even gave me the smoker grill he couldn’t take with him to Florida. So, now my wife and I are awaiting the new people who take possession on Friday. No real idea when they are moving in, but I assume it will be soon. Hopefully, they’re cool too.

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