My new DD is this lovely 1993 Ford Escort LX hatchback, it’s a survivor but in decent shape, pretty much everything works even the aircon. I haven’t given it too much of a look over yet as it was raining when I bought it and I’m scared of what I might find, but for the last few days it’s handled my 15 min commute just fine.

Next week I’ll probably go over it a little more thoroughly at work and make sure it’s not about to rust in half, but the current plan is to change the oil, get snow tires and leave them on permanently, and then drive it around 500 miles a month until it dies. Although if I can find rear window louvers I might have to get them lol.

It’s supposedly had a ton of recent work done although no receipts as the guy did it himself, but he seemed super nice and honest and I can tell some of it at least has obviously been done, i.e. struts and battery. He also said he did brake lines, brakes, timing belt, water pump, head gasket, alternator and changed most of the fluids except the trans. It was his daughters first car though and he seemed legit so I believe he really took care of it so it would take care of her, he even put his home address in the Craigslist listing, who does that?? He was asking $1300 but due to yet another shitty policy of Wells Fargo (I should really find a new bank) I could only withdraw $300 a day from an ATM. As this was over the weekend, between mine and my wife’s cards that only got us $1200 so I asked if he’d take it and he said yes. So we went and just drove it around the block and when we got back he said he forgot to mention the broken windshield in the ad so he’d take $150 off, but it’s all the way on the passenger side edge and not in the way at all so I plan to just leave it. Only other issues so far is the ignition is a little tricky to get all the way off or it’ll just keep beeping and potentially drain the battery and one of the rear license plate bolts was broken off but the other one seems to hold it just fine.


Is definitely slow with 88hp when new and a 4 speed slusher (my first ever automatic car) but I really did just need to buy something and while it’s not exactly what I wanted by any means, it will hopefully do the little I ask of it quite well for at least a year, my wife and I are still getting back on our feet after tons of medical debt forced us into bankruptcy, and we just needed a second car with minimal running costs (only $13/mo to add to our insurance!) I also wanted something old enough to not have emissions testing, but mainly it was just the kind of well written ad that draws me in, I always say with cheap cars you should be shopping for a good seller not necessarily a good car, there’s always gonna be quirks and issues so just try to find somebody honest about them and not focus 100% on the car itself.

Because apparently white chicks are boring when it comes to naming cars, we now have 2 silver hatchbacks named Lucy, and hopefully Lucy II gives us many months of faithful service.


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