Here's My Ride to Work Today

My Tahoe lost a brake line in a mall parking lot on Saturday, and being that this was Labor Day weekend and it was a hard line, I couldn’t get the part so its at the shop. Also, because the only other cars in my household are my wife’s Escalade and the race car, I had to borrow my dad’s ‘94 Z28.

I’ve probably highlighted it before, but this is the most reliable car my family has ever owned. We’ve had it since 1998 and 50k miles, its currently at 184k and on the original clutch. In those 20 years, its come home on a flatbed three times: once for the optispark at 100k, again for the optispark at 180k, and once more for the optispark at 184k. The first time my dad used a Delco one, so it lasted 80k (right in the optispark ballpark, 100k is doing good work). Last time he cheaped out and it only made it 4k, so this time he’s trying an Accel part. So far so good.


Anyway, the car is lightly modified. Hurst shifter, roller rockers, cold air intake, SLP y-pipe, high flow cat, Borla cat back. Its tight as a god damn drum, or tight as a 4th gen F-body can possibly be anyway, and drives great. My only real complaint is the acres of plastic in the interior, when its cold it squeaks like a mouse convention.

Also, as a bonus, here’s what I’m driving once I get to work:

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