Here's Probably Why the MKC Didn't Get a New Name

Im easily perturbed when things don’t lineup. We got both a facelift for the Lincoln MKC and the MKX, but while the MKX became the Nautilus — which I have to say like Captain Nemo in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen — the MKC remains a Markus (no wait, that got replaced). Luckily for you all, I have completed a five minute theory that I believe is 93rd-ish% within the range of near relevant accuracy!

The Lincoln MKC was supposed to be renamed (and revive) Corsair. That means we would have had the Corsair and the Nautilus as the new faces of Lincoln’s crossover lineup. Of course I’m bothered because that would give us two sea-themed names which work well with Navigator but then you have the upcoming Aviator which probably replaces the Mark Towncross (MKT) which will throw off everything unless the MKZ becomes the Zephyr again which I guess perhaps works with Continental maybe and you still cant get over that the MKT is still on sale and blarghrargrablah!!!





Sorry, lost my cool there. Back to the issue though, I think Lincoln realized that releasing the Corsair and Nautilus at the same time would have a small issue with many searches turning customers to the CORSAIR Nautilus 500.

Plus, who knows if some legal stuff would come up.

Great theory!

Oh, and the refreshed MKX is now called the Nautilus.


The old grille on the MKC and MKX was really nice to see on the road since they were so unique in this crossover-filled world.


*Here’s the recent trademarks page.

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