Here's something I'm fatally attracted to...

Was up late looking all manner of info on various generations of MR2s and Miatas, then somehow drifted to this: Audi TT Quattro 3.2 MT.


Things I like:

- the profile

- the stick thingie

- the power

- the kwahtrow

- the hatch back thingie

Things that could be concerning:

1. this can’t be cheap to maintain

2. These are not terribly common in this configuration, so I could have a hell of a time finding one (HMMM just like every other damn car I seem to like! 😐)


3. Backseat is not for human beings


1. I’m not gonna pretend like my current car has been cheap.

2. The best things are worth the effort

3. Fuck other human beings (save for Oppo and my wife, of course). That’s gonna be the doggo row.

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