It’s the second generation of the Gogoro Smartscooter, which I’ve previously posted about.

Looks like they’ve stretched the wheelbase, lowered it a bit, stretched the body (to give better storage and a longer seat for two people), put bigger wheels on, and added linked braking.

Oh, and it also looks like they’ve made it quite a bit cheaper - before Taiwanese tax credits, the Gogoro 2 ranges from US$2455 for the base model, to $2654 for the top model (with more color choices, fancier lighting, a color instrument cluster, and smartphone unlocking, I believe). The old model starts at $3260, although it was $2850 a few months ago.

Looks like the shorter gearing to help 2-up riding has hurt top speed, though - it can only do 90 km/h instead of 95 km/h. Still, for the kind of riding this scooter’s going to do, that’s not that important of a difference. The 10 kg added weight also means it’s a touch slower accelerating than the old model, but... eh.

My guess is also that this is the model that they’re going to bring to the US - it’ll be much more capable of handling American riders than the old model. So, gib. (I’d rather have this than the old model anyway.)