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Here's the 2020 Cadillac XT6

I guess Cadillac decided on a late debut because I saw this on their site around midnight PST. From what I read on a few sites, its touted as the Escalade’s little brother. But its a 3 row crossover nonetheless.


As expected,it rides on the same platform as the Acadia and Enclave and is powered by a a 310 horse 3.6 V6 with cylinder deactivation. That gets routed to fwd or awd through a 9 speed auto.

Inside its just grownup XT5 which is...cool I guess? Anyway, there are 2 trims to choose from: Premium Luxury which gets things like exotic interior wood trim and distinct 20" wheels; and Sport, which gets carbon fiber trim, the usual Black exterior trim and grill, 20" wheels and a unique awd system Cadillac describes as Sport Controlled twin-clutch which Automobile Mag  describes as: a twin-clutch electrically controlled rear differential that can be disconnected or apply torque to the individual rear wheels to enhance cornering, and continuously adaptive dampers. 


No word on pricing yet, but honestly I find it a bit of a let down. Its design for one is an amalgam of other vehicles on the market. I see everything in it from Mitsubishi’s Outlander in the front fascia, to Kia’s still unreleased Telluride in the side and rear. Not to mention it should resemble the Escalade more than the smaller XT5 in the design, which it has too much of. The dash is damn near a cookie cutter design from the XT5. But there you have it, another crossover. What do you guys think of it?

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