This should’ve been on that list.

Read it.

Now for takes:

  1. The Veyron, sure, but where’s the McLaren F1? It was the first hypercar, built with nothing spared, unencumbered by anything, never once held back, won Le Mans with little more than a kit, tune, and different headlights. No other hypercar since has done that last one, but the F1 was the template upon which Bugatti and Koenigsegg will build their own world-conquering hypercars.
  2. I feel the OG NSX can be here too. The sensible supercar, designed ahead of its time, still sublime to this day. It proved that sportscars need not be too bombastic, and proved that any marque can make a real, purchasable halo car.
  3. Ah, the GT40, made to stick it up Enzo’s ass. We enjoy his saltiness to this day, but I seriously think that had Enzo caved in, we would have a different history. He was rude, sure, but I get his point—I won’t sign away my livelihood and passion (inb4 George Lucas) either, especially if I realized that these people might not have the best interests. Maybe Henry would’ve kept him in charge, maybe not, but I do think Ferrari would have lost more had the merger was OK’d.
  4. Finally, Miata. Jeez, why is The Answer not on that list?

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