Here's What $300 Worth of '91 Miata Looks Like

This morning I dropped off my Yukon at the mechanic where my soon-to-be second Miata resides, so I thought I’d grab a few more pictures of it and kinda put my plan on paper. Er, internet.


It’s all there, is basically how I’d describe it. There’s nothing glaring missing from it, it’s relatively straight, and it allegedly runs and drives. That said, the top end of the engine is supposed to be making some noise and they say it’ll need a clutch, but it feels more like a master/slave cylinder to me just from the pedal.

But it’s not all just sunshine and farts.


There’s the real reason the car is so cheap, not the clutch and the motor but the rotted rockers. Honestly...I’m not bothered, and I’ll tell you why.


Absolute worst case with this car, I buy it for $300, sell the top frame for $200, the latches for $90, and the top itself for $50-100 (it’s actually very good) and I’ve got my money back before I scrap it.

Best case, I sell all that stuff and then I continue selling stuff. The interior is decent and I can see another $200 from stuff in there. Good carpets, door panels, the seats are good. I end up with a stripped out car that becomes the base for me to learn all the stuff I don’t know how to do that I should do on junk before ever trying it on a good car.


So I cut out the rockers and weld in new ones. I take the body down, prime it and paint it...or maybe wrap it, but I prefer paint. And the really great part is that I don’t have to rush because I’ve got the black Miata I can drive while I work on this sack of shit.

Does it become a LeMons car? Do I do a v8 swap? Do I take the unhealthy 226k mile 1.6 and slap on a gigantic turbo? Who even cares, it’s $300.


Anyway, I’m going to hear it run today. My wife already signed off on it (because she’s a saint), so it’s coming home next week unless something really stupid happens. Gonna Miata the shit out of my driveway.

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