Here's What A 100hp Difference Looks Like

Ever wondered how big of a difference 100 hp as well as meager 1.5 seconds difference looks like on a drag strip? Me and my buddy decided to give it a go. For the hell of it.

This was in August 2015 at iCar in Mirabel (My current favorite drag strip that’s within reasonable driving distance). My buddy brought his brand new 2015 Civic Si sedan for it’s first go. He had just finished installing a cold air intake, hence the noise.


For reference, and for those who have never read any of my posts, my car is a 2012 Mustang V6 (yeah yeah) manual with a tiny list of mostly insignificant mods. I have the optional 3.31 rear gearing, J&M rear lower control arms, Eibach sway bars, Airaid cold air intake, BAMA ECU reflash tune for 91 octane, Borla ATAKcatback exhaust kit and finally a Barton two-post shifter bracket. Again, nothing really significant performance wise.

Tire wise, He’s running the factory all season continentals and I have Michelin Pilot Super Sports because Matt Farrah’s shilling was hypnotic. And for extra spiciness, he’s driving my car and I’m driving his hahaha.

Spoiler alert: It wasn’t a fair race.

Enjoy and sound off in the comments!

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