Work and life. Life and work. Goes together like, well, say, Kim Jong Un and the population of North Korea. Or that idea you had about pointing out to the lady in the queue down the Co-Op that far from that bloke in front wanting to interact with an ‘actual human’ (as he, *ahem*, may have, piously pointed out) over using the automatic till when you knew full well that in this part of Bristol, where all the bellends live, he wouldn’t, if he could help it, have to even pass this low wage person who he doesn’t quite consider properly human in the street, he’s just scared of looking like a twat when he inevitably holds the queue up because he’s pressed a wrong button or scanned too many potatoes or fucking quails eggs or something, and then you go to the automatic till machine and your coconut milk doesn’t quite scan and then you don’t have enough money anyway and then the cashier can’t solve it so you have to butt in line and piss everyone off after you’ve taken some kind of highground over that pious bellend, but now you’re the bellend.

Yes, these are all things we’re quite familiar with.

So how about some thoughts on this from some clever people down at The School Of Life? How about they involve the Audi R8?

Check it: