Here's What Formula 1 Should Look Like

Observe: a closed-fender version of a standard race car, ripping on a twisty course. This is not, sadly, a vehicle meant for competition in Formula 1 but rather a World Endurance Championship Audi of the 2010s.

Wonderful as this car looks and sounds, it is a bit of an illusion. This is not a open cockpit car but a closed cockpit one. It looks like a top-spec race car, but a formula car it is not.


My dreams of seeing such a car, a highly developed race car meant for the top end of world motorsports, remains a dream. But still, this one looks just about perfect, particularly running around a road course, where open-wheeled cars reign? And the of that diesel power plant running up in the rev range!

The car runs a diesel-electric hybrid power train. It claims 914 horsepower and around 900 kilos, or about 2,000 pounds. Yeah, looking at the size of the rear tires makes sense now.

These Audis were the class of the field, and the manufacturer won Le Mans five years in a row, twice, with these things.

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