Here’s a completely pointless and garbage post. It makes no argument.

Brendan O’Connor shares a post by Jeb Bush that is a picture of a gun made by FN USA with “Gov Jeb Bush” engraved on it. He then sort of says that Jeb is special because sometimes people post pictures with guns and then get arrested. Jeb did not. He even cites instances in the news when people were arrested. The part he leaves out is those people were arrested for making threats against others, often implying they’ll use a gun. The other instance he cites is an illegal gun ring that was busted because they used social media. All while this is going on, he destroys his own points by sharing Instagram pictures people post that weren’t arrested.

He also, unnecessarily, points out that FN produced weapons for the Nazis while they were occupied by said Nazis. It’s almost as if he believes that occupied territories never once did the bidding of occupiers.

As far as I can tell he’s trying to imply Jeb is a Nazi sympathizer and a gun nut. A special, protected from the law, politician that can do something us mere mortals could only dream of: posting pictures of guns on social media without any repercussions. Ya know, except for the fact that thousands of people do this all the time.


Maybe he should’ve used google before typing out this drivel. Just another clickbait post meant to rile the base. Guns. Republican. Nazis.