Here's What I Like About the Cadillac XT4...and Also What I Don't Like

During the Oscars, I posted a screencap from Cadillac’s teaser commercial of the XT4, saying I enjoyed the overall shape and some of the details that they displayed in the commercial. Now that we’ve seen the whole thing, in my eyes there’s a lot to like, but there’s also some minor problems. Being Oppo’s resident Cadillac apologist and an avid fan of the crossover segment, here’s what I like and dislike about the Cadillac XT4.

What I Like

  • The overall design and shape is quite attractive, it’s about as attractive as you can get for a crossover of this size. It’s got a lot of nice sharp edges and lines that we’ve grown to expect from Cadillac, and they’re part of the reason I love the brand’s current path. It extends to the XT4, creating a tasty little crossover, that I can’t help but describe as a cute little devil. Or perhaps...cute little DeVille? It reminds me of a better automotive personification of those little “deviants” that Scion used to advertise the xD with, if that makes any sense. Probably not.
  • The interior looks amazing in my books. I’m really glad Cadillac hasn’t succumbed to the floating screen epidemic and is keeping things clean and simple (for the most part). But the biggest plus is what looks to be a completely new interface for Cadillac’s infamous CUE system, and also what looks to be ACTUAL BUTTONS for the climate control, etc. While I eventually grew to tolerate CUE’s interface, Cadillac definitely seems to be learning from past mistakes and seems keen to fix previous owner issues, which I appreciate.

What I Don’t Like

  • The design, while good, has a little too much GM in it for my tastes. The XT5 is rather distinct from its platform mates, but the XT4, decked out in that burnt orange color and those 5-spoke wheels tastes too much like an Equinox for my liking. And that bleeds into my second con...
  • The platform. I really don’t like it when my luxury cars platform share with cheaper cars, it’s an issue I have with the Escalade and XTS as well, and a glaring issue I have with Lincoln. I was hoping Cadillac would be allowed to design a new platform, or even re-work the existing platform like they did for the previous generation SRX, but it’s stuck on the Equinox platform. Even if it’s debuting the new “Y trim” strategy (which I’m quite confused about), it stinks that if you look at the bare bones, you’re left with an Equinox. But I’m just a snob. I know the people who buy these things won’t give two s*its.

All in all, I like this thing, but it’s got a lot of flaws that turn me off at the same time. But, it’s my opinion, and it does have one good thing about it that I can’t deny, and that is that it will sell like absolute hot cakes. Anyway, I just thought I’d share my two cents. I’m sure half of Oppo turned away because it’s an automatic crossover anyway.

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