Going to try a photodump from a project I did last weekend. Took the speedometer and instrument panel out of my dash to replace all the bulbs, because I have a hard time fitting my hand up behind the cluster to turn the little bulb clips out. Half of the bulbs were out, had no idea how much gas I had left at night! Bonus, I took pictures!

I was fascinated by the simplicity of the whole thing. Need the bulb colored? Just put a lens in front of it! Need it to show a word? Just print the word on the lens!

tl;dr, replaced all the bulbs in the speedo. Link to flickr album, it’s the last 15 or so pics in the album: https://flic.kr/s/aHsjyo8N7d

Started taking apart, rubber covers and colored plastic lenses all over the place. Took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on...

Hole/Base empty with speedo cable and plug


Back of panel with lighting circuits

Back of display cover


Lighting panel without speedo or lenses

Closeup of HOT/Fasten Seat Belt cover - my car has no seat belt buzzer or fasten seat belt bulb. I wonder what would happen if I put a bulb in there. It’s lit just because it’s open behind the lens.


Speedo out of panel


Closeup of back, how to remove speedo cable - push in the metal tab under the hole while pulling the cable back. Very difficult to find this info, discovered it by trial and error. Really easy to do once you know this ONE SIMPLE TRICK...

Some lenses installed over panel bulbs


Lenses and covers loose

Lenses on and some bulbs lit


Installed with key on (no plexiglass cover)


Reassembled, most bulbs lit

(sorry about the reflections, best I could do!)