Friends, Family, Fellow Jalops I come bearing urgent news. The car you're looking at in the above picture is the GT40 Mark I Chassis # 1075 currently on display at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. Why is this significant? Because it won at Le Mans. Once? HA! No, that chassis won TWICE. In 1968 and 69. It was the first car in history to win Le Mans two times consecutively using the same chassis. This is no small feat. This also makes it one of (if not THE) most valuable cars in existence. Its non-Le Man-winning counterpart? Sold for $11 Million a few years ago (chassis 1074). If this car were to ever go to auction there's a good possibility it would be able to upset Ferrari in just one more competition.

But YOU ONLY HAVE UNTIL OCTOBER TO FEAST YOUR EYES ON THIS BEAUTY! I personally take responsibility for not informing you earlier. Typically this spot would be filled by the 1967 Mark IV GT40 Le Mans winner (Chassis J-5). Not insignificant in its own right, it was the only true-blue American GT40 to win at Le Mans (American built car with American drivers). Where is THAT GT40 now? Well according to a Curbside Classic article from February the Mark IV was damaged in transit from an appearance at Goodwood in 2012, I've heard varying reports but we do know. It's currently it was (until mid-June-ish) at Gurney's All American Race Shop for repairs. But it returns to the in October, and this privately owned car heads back to it's owner's home.

So, who owns 1075? Well... the museum informed me the lender wanted to remain anonymous, but sighting in his home town, and various forum posts and other resources pretty much confirmed that it's owned by Rob Walton (ya know, like the Walmart family... allegedly, son of the founder, make decent money, etc...). Yep, a "humble" grocer lays claim to one of the most significant cars in racing history. or so the rumors go. Hopefully he'll see fit to display it somewhere in the future.

Oh, hey, if you have a long drive ahead of you on your way to Michigan snag Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans on Audiobook to listen to along the way. Not only a must-read for any Jalop but a great way to get yourself in the mood!


So, make haste and head down my way, because who knows how long it could be before this vehicle is publicly displayed again.

UPDATE: Commenter Mike Laney pointed out that the MKIV is actually on-property at the museum now! He spotted it last week and posted pictures in his comment.


Of course, this was last week, so it's possible the MK IV may have moved... so your mileage may vary on this one folks!