It is with great trepidation that I am posting my 2004 GT3 for sale! I haven’t been driving much since getting the Turbo and going to get something even more track focused to replace it. $46k for just the car with OEM wheels and seats, $54k with Tequipment bar, GT3 Euro seats, Forgeline wheels, TR Motorsports forged wheels, 2 pc floating front rotors, spare pads, and 8 more miscellaneous wheels.Car has pretty much everything done that a GT3 should have! Welded coolant lines, 2 pc lower control arms front and rear, toe links, Guard diff internals (thanks Matt Monson) with Cup Bellville washers. KW Clubsport dampers, RS (single mass) flywheel and clutch, etc. Transmission was rebuilt by Chris Cervelli at around 90-95k miles.I bought this car from a good friend about 10 years ago and have loved every moment with it! I’ve known it was going for sale for a bit, but have hesitated to list as I’m REALLY going to miss it! Just cant justify, (as good as I am at justifying), keeping it AND the new toy!Currently set up as a track toy. Really low, lots of camber, and ClubSport dampers. I hope it goes to someone who will continue to drive and enjoy it is meant to be!Why so inexpensive?? 108k miles


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