So I tried to hook up a monitor today from my old custom build pc, DVI to HDMI, I hooked up the HDMI first to the monitor and when I went to plug it into the DVI port on my card...ZAP! Huge arc of electricity. Computer was still on but this happened.

The hell? HDMI shouldn’t be carrying a lot of power...

machine kept arcing anytime I tried to connect anything, even the cable that was in there prior. So I turned off the machine and got back to work on my remote workstation from work. I just tried to turn it on and I tripped the surge protector. I took out the graphics card and tried again and tripped a breaker. There is a good chance that the power supply is dead, or the graphics or both...or everything! Normally I would just buy a new power supply and rebuilt the case but I have always hated this machine. Really unreliable and the case was huge. So Im in the market and looking for love help.


Looking for good advice on a replacement:

Budget - ~$700

Not a laptop, or all-in-one.

Must haves:

Dedicated graphics card that can drive 2 monitors on DVI or displayport, Ideally GTX level.


16gb ram as a minimum

All the USB 3 ports

built in Ethernet and wifi

Mid level or better processor.

optical disc drive.

Nice to haves

Ideally a motherboard with a decent North Bridge or at least something with a little more robustness in its design.


serviceability - I need to be able to replace a hard drive with relative ease. None of this tiny drive buried deep nonsense.

upgradability. room in the case for bigger cards or a 2nd drive down the road. I have cards and drives, but I don’t NEED them internal right now.


Anyone have any advice on where to start the hunt? If I had my way I would just try and buy my old workstation from the company, but they wont sell it to me directly.

Open to building again, but only if I can do it without researching my entire life. I need a relatively simply build with proven component pairings.