Hey. According to experts, the Fiat Viaggio was a thing.

Because Dodge wasn’t established in the Chinese market yet, FCA (then known as simply Chrysler) brought the Dodge Dart to China under the Fiat brand as the Viaggio in 2012. Quite an attractive car, and I think the Dart was a rather underrated, albeit not particularly outstanding, compact car.


The interior was exactly the same as the Dart, barring the Fiat badges and some slightly less PERFORMANCE-ORIENTED trim. Also, not bad, but not particularly exciting either.

There was also the hatchback variant, the Ottimo. Honestly one of the main drawbacks of the Dart was the lack of hatchback variant. Granted, at the time not as many compacts had hatches (no Corolla, Cruze, or Civic hatches at the time), so maybe Dodge just decided not to bother. At least in Canada, I think the Ottimo would’ve done well as a Dart hatchback, as we like compact hatches quite a lot up here.


The Ottimo and Viaggio were discontinued in 2017, one year after the Dart was discontinued in North America. I believe it’s been replaced in Fiat China’s lineup by the Tipo, which is quite a handsome little thing. I think Fiat could do quite well bringing the Tipo over here to provide a bigger, more serious alternative to the 500 range. Maybe revive the (non-Spider) 124 name? I doubt it will happen though, as more and more manufacturers are axing their non-lifted cars, and FCA were one of the trailblazers in that field.

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