How’s everyone been?

A bit of news here:

Three scuzzballs ransacked three nearby parking garages last night, breaking into 25 cars in my mom’s alone and breaking the passenger’s side door windows of both of her cars. Z4 is insured for glass and going to the dealer (though the low estimate is a bit unnerving, dealer rates considered), Beetle not covered and seems to be going to a cheap-o windshield shop. Probably would be wise to DIY or send elsewhere but just not practical right now.

On another sidenote, I bought another C4 (‘84/4+3/Z51), this one a non-runner to flip. It’s been a while since purchase and not so much as battery removal has been finished. The other one has been sidelined for a number of issues that have to be put off. Evidently, I don’t have a problem. I also bought a questionable 1990 Thunderbirdturd as a beater back in August and it’s been pretty good aside from classic ball joint failure and a radio that only screeches. I’ve unwittingly spoiled it a bit, but it gets the DD job done and I imagine it’s actually a fantastic cruiser given an easier past life. Hoping to get my current circumstances turned around ASAP; though I took a dead-end auto parts job back in June as a means to live out of the country during this hiatus from doing anything worthwhile, I still haven’t reached the dead end and have a moldy project car sitting in the lot at site of said job. I don’t mean to alarm anyone—but, yes—I have been frequenting An oppo-less existence is a harsh one, no doubt. It’s been too long.

Stage 1 of Project Car Chaos: bringing home the vessel of future greatness following 5 years without movement
Stage 2: Your rusty, trusty steed breaks next to your broken car/#staticlow
Stage 3: The car is covered in snow to illustrate that it hasn’t moved since the previous season/year as you do donuts nearby

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