Pnw radwood


I went to the Radwood show in Tacoma on Saturday. Had a great time and only got a bit sunburned. Some great peeps I talked to, awesome variety of cars from an austin allegro to a lambo diablo with an american flag wrap. Fun costumes too but I was shy and didn’t ask for pictures from anyone.

The highlight was finally being able to sit in an AZ-1. Definitely a no-go for 6'3 me. I could cram myself in but was basically stuck under the steering wheel. My feet would hit the brake and clutch at the same time and my head iht the ceiling even with the cover off the top of the door. Too bad the Honda Beat guy wasn’t talkative or allowing sit-downs for me to compare.


Now on to the slideshow! 193 potato pics (LG G7) . I did try to keep pics from each car together. Hopefully i won’t get Kinja’d.

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