What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

This here is a four lane road. You see that additional lane in the middle?

Illustration for article titled Hey, Asshole in the Chevy Prizm!!

That, you raging asshole, is a fucking TURN LANE! It is NOT, I repeat, NOT a passing lane. Do you know why it is called a turn lane, you asshole? It’s because an automobile will enter that lane with the sole intention of turning into one of the many properties that front this roadway. We do this so as not to hinder traffic in either the east or west bound lanes. There is no expectation that an oncoming vehicle in the turn lane will increase speed so as to pass other cars in the same direction just to be first in line at the next red light. You needlessly endangered my life and the lives of other vehicles when I had to swerve out of your way because you thought your time is too precious to travel at the posted speed of 45 MPH. I hope you run a red light and get smoked by a cement truck, you asshole.

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