Today was fucking awesome!

Extra Special Thanks:

-JGrabow for putting it together

-all the people with real cameras for documenting it

-whoever brought the Vanilla Coke for bringing Vanilla Coke

-everybody who brought a car to help create the most WTF convoy ever

-the people of High Point who saw some sketchy characters in sketchier cars and put up with it

-the Miata Club of NJ for making a special guest appearance

-the guy in the drift missile 350z for making our group even more WTF, ditto to the family in what used to be a Tacoma (you wore the “Marty McFly truck after being squat-fucked by satan” look well!)

-whoever was stuck behind me on the hawk’s nest for putting up with being stuck behind the vehicular equivalent of a giant drunk toddler on a genuinely good driving road.


-Oppo in general, NE oppos who made it out in particular.