I don’t know what made me think about it, but my brother once bought the coolest, worst vehicle ever built. I want to say he paid $1200 for this early 80s Ford Econoline sometime around 2006, couldn’t have been much later than that because he passed away in 2008. But it had some distinguishing features that made me sure I would find it with a Google image search, and here it is:

The wheels, arches, and that open panel at the back tell me this is the van in question. It was a huge piece of shit in 2006, I’d imagine it’s an even bigger piece of shit now, but apparently these pictures were taken after my brother sold it.

So why did he want it? What made it interesting? Here you go.



Four beer taps, along with a small booth seating area inside. The back of the van was refrigerated and had a CO2 system. It would hold four half kegs that you could dispense right from the van. It was basically the ultimate tailgate vehicle.

Whats really too bad here is that theres no picture of the dashboard, since the turn signal stalk is a Miller Lite tap handle, and the shifter a High Life one. The interior was a lot cleaner when we had it, there was a cover on the side panel, and none of the tap handles were missing.


I think the only real thing you could do with this van is take out everything and put it into a rust free one. When it left the driveway, there was a 1981 Econoline-shaped ring of rust in the driveway. It actually ran and drove, but holy shit was it sketchy.

Next time I’ll find some more pictures of another one of my brother’s, ah, unique cars...a 1962 Impala wagon with a 454 and panel delivery’d rear windows.