This post reminded me that the car I really want is a manual CTS-V wagon. None of this automatic crap (@DougDeMuro). So I searched nationwide on and found something special. The Jalopnik Special actually.

Nationwide Manual CTS-V Wagon search.

491 V's on

23 Wagon V's on

4 Manual Wagon V's on

All 2011s, 2 silver, one red, one black.


The $50K one has the most miles by a long shot. Good luck private seller "Bob". Bob's car, and presumably Bob's dog below.

But it's the description that Oppo member Clown Shoe Pilot aptly noticed!

Clown Shoe Pilot

from the description:

*Jalopnik Special* The only way this could get better is if it was a brown diesel Miata, that's right, this is my 2011 CTS V Wagon, with a manual transmission - for sale. It's got massive Brembo brakes and 556 horsepower which is enough to make me actually want to spell horsepower. People love this car. I actually had a guy tell me how much he loves the car then ask how I liked the 300 horsepower, he must have been talking about at idle.. It's got a good amount (read: a lot) of miles but the car fax is clean and interior is beautiful. Come check it out if you think you're ready to haul your kids, groceries from Costco, a litter of puppies, and a quarter scale statue of Bob Lutz while turning premium gasoline into face melting acceleration. tl;drexterior 7/10 interior 9/10 awesomeness 10/10FYI I'm not in a rush, I actually just bought it, I just commute way too much to own this thing forever.

Bob is one of us.

Well played Bob. Well played. Bob is truly one of us. FYSA for those interested, area code 586 is Macomb County, Michigan .


He's priced really high for the mileage though. Sorry Robert, but I'd save $8000 and fly out to San Diego and buy the other silver one with over 30K less miles. Then drive it back on an epic road trip that I would write about. Like Doug DeMuro!

But I do like Bob's write-up. And his dog seems nice.

*UPDATE* Could this be Bob Lutz? He could potentially have a statue of himself. Does he live in Southeast Michigan?


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