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Hey Canada! Hi from a neighbor!

I hear you have a holiday.

From what I understand, Canada Day was originally a celebration of when the British established Canada as a territory. Please forgive my gross if ignorance of Canadian history, but as I understand it, you politely worked out your withdrawal from the British Empire and your establishment as an independent nation, and Canada Day became a celebration of your nation.


In contrast, here in America we dumped a bunch of tea onto the harbor, told the British to go fuck themselves we ain’t payin your goddamn taxes and the king can kiss my ass! A bunch of good ol’ boys went running around in the woods shooting guns and blowing shit up in a most unruly fashion until the British actually fucked off back to England. And thus the 4th of July was born. There were bad feelings, though, and it took a while for us to make friends with out British cousins. (Ok, my family wasn’t here for any of that shit, but work with me. We were serfs in Sicily or some shit.).

In some ways, our very different beginnings may have set the tone for our respective histories.  You guys are really nice, and don't really cause anyone any trouble. We are still a bit unruly, and tend to ruffle feathers.

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