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Hey Everybody

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My early 2011 MacBook Pro 15” with hi-res matte finish screen is eligible for a free replacement Logic Board!


I have said many times I wont fix it if it broke, well, I am not! Apple is. 3 years out of warranty, because it failed a graphics test in store, its automatically covered. I was told it was a replacement program that may be ending soon, theres no way to know for sure. Luckily however, mine is totally covered. I can be convinced to replace the battery at this point, but Im not paying Apple to do that.

Also, because I refuse to be a statistic, I removed my hard drive, and have it on my desk. I needed my Virtual Machine for work and I dont want some random person going through, or potentially deleting any of my work data, passwords, or anything else. I know how to break into an Apple in under 5 minutes with only a mouse and keyboard, so I certainly dont trust random people with it.


Color me very pleased. I expected to hear I was out of luck and it was going to cost me hundreds to fix. Now I can dedicate that $500 odd to the Magnum.

Expect a HEMIWagon Project Log update very soon!

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