Hey everyone! Long time no see!

I have something to ask the Millennials out there. All the old farts think we aren't into cars anymore, but I know they're wrong. Or, I think they're wrong, anyway. I was curious though, what do you guys look for in a car? What really piques your interest when you're around town or at a local meetup or show?

For me, I love old cars. I'm talking 1940's and earlier. Things like this 1940's Chevy pickup, or some of the roadsters built for the Race of Gentlemen.

I also love European cars from the 1970's and earlier, as well as some of the newer hot hatches and wagons, but especially old racers that might have competed in Gran Prix or endurance races. Things like the Porsche 904 prototype or Ferrari 330 P4.


And if I can't have that, then it's all about the tiny, cheap, tossible hatchbacks. I'm not a fan of American cars unless they're super rare, and I don't care for anything too big.

Not that any of you really care what I look for. I, on the other hand, really want to hear what turns you on (speaking strictly automobiles, of course). I'm writing up a blog post on the subject, and want to get the broadest scope possible. That, and most of my friends just want big American V8's.

So please, comment with what you appreciate in an automobile. Ready? Go!