i can actually fit in a cappuccino and in an az-1!! Tight but it fits lol

Yatta!! (Smaller steering wheel for more comfort required though... But heel and toes are rather easily doable so I really fit hahaha. So damn happy now :) )

EDIT: actual car

The one I tried, along with the cappucino next to it... Yup, not cheap (13000$ here)... But it's also 20.000miles and pretty much looks like it's new.

The Cappuccino next to it (didn't bother taking a picture) was slightly modified, with 55000miles and was on sale for 6000$... I have the cash to buy the lattest, but I must resit the temptation and wait until I have some more saving to go wild :)

PS: did I mention I actually have more headroom in the Cappuccino and in the AZ-1 than I had in the Corvette?? :)