“No, actually. I don’t recall saying anything like —” GREAT. Because I have the answer to the question you just asked, and that’s the forgotten Lexus HS 250h.

The two-fiddy-H is on the same platform as most Toyotas you’ve heard of (Prius, tC, Corolla, NX, etc.), but it has some things that separate it from being a rebadged Prius.


- improved suspension components

- the motor is a little more powerful, at 187hp

- 0 to 60 time is two seconds faster

- it’s also heavier... oops

- much softer leather

- better insulated cabin

- Looks like a chrome Corolla. So shiny!


The fuel economy is listed as 34/36 mpg. A perfect vehicle for rotting on I-5 and 405 on a Monday morning.


Owner testimonials are quite positive, though many who test drove one admit they ultimately jumped to a Prius because of the extra 10 miles per gallon. As a result, sales plummeted after two years, ending with just FIVE units moved in 2013. So you’d have yourself a bit of a semi-unicorm. And it was wildly successful in Japan, so you could cash in on that sweet JDM cred (yo).

Anyway. Happy Monday!!!

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