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Hey Ford...what's the deal? EDIT: Ford typo

So I am confused. According to the Ford site, the Ranger is 85.8 inches wide. Which is wide, REALLY wide. like .5 inches narrower than an F150 Raptor wide. Which also brings up the question of how wide the F150 is, which they claim as 79.9 inches (both measures explicitly state without mirrors). So how is the Ranger nearly half a foot wider than the F150? Also, the T6 Ranger Raptor available elsewhere is listed as the same 85.8 inches wide, even though it’s clearly wider than stock. What’s going on here Ford?

The Ranger just isn’t that big.

I mean this (Ranger interior)


is not the same kind of roomy as this


Its obvious the F150 is substantially wide, so what gives?

EDIT: Ford listed the Ranger width without mirrors as their WITH mirrors width in their launch material.  The actual width is 73.3 inches...much better.

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