For some reason, I just now decided to go to Acura’s website, and discovered that there is a “new” 2018 RLX with the Superman grille. As you probably don’t recall, back in June I predicted there was an 85% chance of the Superman grille being applied to the RLX.

Acura’s 2018 RLX site wants you to register for any real information, but according to it and this Motor Trend blurb from August that I just now found while looking for information to write this post, in addition to the redone front end styling, there are new front and rear lights, a new interior color option, new seats, the base fwd non-hybrid now has a 10-speed automatic, and the driver aids now include something called Traffic Jam Assist.

Our suite of AcuraWatch™ driver assistance technologies expands with the all-new Traffic Jam Assist. Working from a complete stop and low speeds, it helps keep you in your lane. This Acura first is standard on all 2018 RLX models.


That was...informative. I guess maybe that means it’s supposed to do the steering for you when in stop & go traffic? You just let off the gas and the car does the rest? Who knows?

Here are some more pictures.


Dare I say, I kinda sorta like it in this red? I’ve always kinda sorta liked the Sport Hybrid. I certainly hate the dual-screen infotainment setup though.

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