Wow...just wow

Interestingly, the only large car blog that budges the trend is Jalopnik. Maybe because Jalopnik is no car blog. Jalopnik caters mostly to juvenile drivers of car sims. The bulk of its traffic originates from schools, Alexa says. "Penis" is a hot search word in this underage demographic, and Jalopnik is happy to serve the search results. The stories in Jalopnik simulate real journalism as much as Gran Turismo simulates car racing. Both do it quite convincingly, and on occasion, Jalopnik is capable of pugnacious dirt-digging. The big car blog downdraft was powerful enough to retard Jalopnik's ascend a tiny bit. Fear not, as long as their readers search for their penis, and as long as Jalopnik is willing to sift through the mud before it slings it, the site will grow. And if you worry about young people losing their lust for cars, Jalopnik can provide that target in spades.