Hey guys, as some of you may remember, I posted this about a horrible dealership service experience I had yesterday. Well, I thought it was all over and they had satisfied me with a free change & free next change, but I was very wrong. I came home to find that they either didn't use a funnel, or were just plain careless in putting the oil in one of the three times. There's oil residue on my engine cover, as well as pools on my valve cover (see pictures). How can I get this oil out of there? I pride myself in keeping my car looking & running great, and this is absolutely unacceptable. There's no reason the car should look worse than it did when it went into the shop, so I'm pissed. I'm okay doing this myself, but I don't know if I need to worry about water or anything near those plugs. I would take it back to have them do it, but I can't trust them at all anymore.

I'm calling the manager to tell him I don't care about the free oil change, and to see if they have a relationship with a local detailer who can clean this up for me. I don't want their techs anywhere near my car, and I want them to pay for this to be cleaned.

If I can't get this done, I plan on attacking w/ Simple Green, water, microfibers and a shopvac. It's really hard to get into the crevices, so I'd like to spray a lot out with water, but don't know what electronics (half the engine bay) I need to worry about. I'd imagine it's all water resistant, but I don't know.

Here's my thead on focusst.org if you want to see. I've already send a complaint to Ford corporate, as well as a terrible review on DealerRater.




It's pooled more than the pictures show.

UPDATE: Well, apparently Kinja didn't post this. I spoke with the manager, and he said he will have the car detailed on their dime. Going to drop it off tomorrow or Friday. As much as I'm afraid to leave the car with them, I can't imagine they mess it up more.