Hey guys what's going on guys? I'm going to do another special here. I was Christmas shopping at the last minute today and I found a car in the parking lot of a best buy. It was a green and white Oldsmobile 442, beautiful car, awesome car, but it got me thinking, and the thinking has led to this article. It's been ten years since Oldsmobile went bust, and it seems that as the years go by, their cars are starting to fade from public memory, be viewed as bygones of an age gone by. I don't want that to happen though, I don't want Oldsmobile to fade into nothingness I want their cars to live on in some way or another, I want their cars to still be viewed as things that people can be proud of. It breaks my heart knowing the company has been buried, I understand why that is, but I can't just sit idly by and watch as one of my favorite dead car companies fades to black. So on the tenth anniversary of the company closing down, I'm going to look at my favorite cars from America's oldest brand, and look back on the rocket ship logo, one last time.


1969 Hurst Olds 442

Let's start off on a high note shall we? This was the first car from Oldsmobile I ever remember getting really interested in,(Thank Forza 4 for that), I thought as far as muscle cars went, it was a fine looking machine, I saw one in Ohio earlier this year in person, and it looked awesome. It had everything going for it, looks, performance, collectability, and just sheer badass character, I don't know if I could call this my favorite Oldsmobile now, but I really do like it a lot.

1966 Toronado

First some music for this sexy beast of a car

Seems fitting doesn't it?

This is my favorite all time Oldsmobile, everything about this car works, it's got a great design that still holds up, its got character, its comfortable, its powerful, its easy to acquire, its got presence do I need to explain why this car rocks? Who cares if it's Front Wheel Drive, this car still kicks major ass.


1990-1992 Toronado Trofeo

I'm going to expand my thoughts on this car in a separate Cars I like that Everyone Doesn't later down the line, but suffice it to say, with the exception of 92-02 Cadillac Eldorado, this is probably my favorite post 1973 E body car that GM ever made, probably the last car that Olds made that really interested me enough to really like it.


1984 Hurst Olds

Yeah I know it's just a Cutlass Supreme with a fancy paint job, but it was the last true rear wheel drive V8 car that Oldsmobile had in its line up, the last car with performance (What little there was of it), and the last with an Oldsmobile engine. Even disregarding the Hurst package, I like this generation of Cutlass supreme best, I'll be honest, previous Cutlass Supremes Olds made always looked boring and dreary in my eyes, this redesign was when Olds got it right, and it remains a nice reminder that even when Olds started to fade in image, they could still make a pretty nice car.


1st Gen Bravada

Is it a Chevy Blazer in a fancy suit? Yeah. Is it probably not all that good? Yeah. Do I have a reason for liking it? No. Is it one of the few SUVs I would consider driving? Yeah. Am I a weirdo? What do you think?


1967 Delmont 88

One of the things that made Oldsmobile what it was, was that they always gave their cars it's own sense of style, take this car for example. Yeah, it's a fairly standard four door that shares its platform with a Chevy and a Pontiac, but does it look different and unique, and nice? Yeah it does, and it stands out in more ways then just the logo slapped on another car. Why do I have an image of a police cruiser version of this car? Cause police cruiser versions can make anything better, just ask Dodge.


1981 Delta 88

I have no idea why I like this car, I just do. Oh wait, it's because I have an unhealthy addiction to big American mid-to late 70s to 80s cars.


So what about you guys? What are your favorite Oldsmobiles? Do you miss the company? Or is the world better off know that they're gone?

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