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Image: US Navy

It’s Fat Albert!

The first official shot of the Blue Angels’ new C-130J support aircraft, Fat Albert, and its socially distanced USMC crew. Not only is it a new ship, it’s also a slightly updated livery. From the BA Facebook: will notice a couple changes to the paint scheme. The flight surfaces now have yellow tips, similar to our F/A-18s, 2 stripes run down the side of the aircraft and the iconic white top has been changed to a tear drop design.


The photo was taken in the UK, likely because the Herk was purchased as surplus from the RAF. Buying used reportedly saved the Navy about $50 million over the cost of a new J, and allowed the Brits to take the depreciation hit. The J model can fly farther than the older T model, and can carry a greater payload. Look for the new Fat Albert at an air show near you.


One of these days.

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