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Are you ready? Here. We. GO!

Aw, yeah. The world's most insane taxi video game.

I've played three versions of this game, the arcade version, PS2, and Xbox 360.

On top of that, the Xbox version of CT3: High Roller (it was only a store demo, though).


I've been playing a lot of the PS2 version lately (as I still need to get a new hard drive for my 360, so I can't play that one), so I thought I'd share my records on both maps.

My best on the Arcade map on Arcade rules is $9,251.18.

My best on the Original map on Arcade rules is $57,986.72. Yes, that's with the bike that you unlock by beating all the Crazy Box mini-games.


What about the rest of Oppo? Who else has a version of this game, and if so, what's your high scores?

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