I get it now

The other day you made a comment somewhere to the effect of “I don’t like seeing Raptors out on trails only to find out the owner doesn’t know what a locking diff is” and I took some issue with the remark.

At the time I couldn’t understand what I perceived to be closed mindedness. While I still don’t totally agree with your view, I understand where you’re coming from now.

The Demon is pretty impressive. 9.65 1/4 mile? 0-60 in 2.3 seconds? All from the factory*?


*with proper stuff installed after taking delivery and 100 octane fuel

For some reason that’s not sitting well with me, and I think I know two reasons why


  • First of all, that sounds really, really dangerous. At a track is fine, but why do I get a sense that it won’t be long before I see a portrait mode video of a Demon on slicks and skinnies wrapping itself around a pole on Woodward?
  • More importantly for this post, this feels too much like an ‘easy button’

I don’t like drag racing. I don’t really get it, it’s not my thing, but I at least can appreciate a well built drag car. While I don’t understand the motivations, I can give an obamanotbad.jpg look at a car that’s been modified to run a fast quarter.


The Demon has all of the work normally done by a Bobby Drag-Racing-Enthusiast with the help of his friends Bud and Light in his garage already completed by Jan on the assembly line in Canada. While it’s kinda cool that Dodge had the balls to make a car this dumb for the street, it’s also pretty lame that Joe White-Collar can now go buy this thing and go elbow his way into hardcore drag racing groups at the strip.

More power to Joe W-C, but it sure seems a little unfair to Bobby D-R-E that he now has to compete against this both for times on the slips and thumbs up from the stands. Just like for HFP out on the trails after a long time of following his passions and gaining experience has to watch other people jump into his hobby with a factory Pre-Runner get all the YouTube views with none of the real enthusiasm.


I don’t like myself much for feeling that way, after all I respect all builds, but I get it now. I feel ya, HFP.