I just switched over to Firefox on my phone (from chrome) in an effort to find a browser than can tone down the ads and still, you know, work. I was using bromite but I couldn’t login to some places (including Jalopnik) then I tried Brave with the same results. Firefox seems to fit the bill and even though it’s a little slower and clunkier the privacy and ad blocking are worth it to me.

But since I switched I noticed that when on gawker properties it would occasionally prompt me to allow audio and video permissions for firefox. Huh? It only prompts when the site is requesting access to those peripherals. I noticed it almost always did it on Kinja Deals. Is Kinja spying on us? Does it listen and look at what we’re doing and saying while shopping? Why are you requesting access to my audio and video? (I denied them permanently)

Illustration for article titled Hey Kinja...Whats the deal?

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