Hey Little Mazda, Why You So Happy?!

Because I work! (mostly)

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I got the clutch job wrapped up today. That’s been weeks (uh, month+) in the making. The new lightweight flywheel is in as well along with some big washers on the suspension to keep the bushings in check.

I had gotten used to the clutch release point being up high and vague. Now it’s fairly low (about where it should be) and bites hard. That’s great but the gas pedal is sticking a bit (only in the up position) so it makes feathering the throttle difficult (all or nothing plus the lightweight flywheel sucks a bit). I’m so sorry to anyone who was behind me on my test drive. I’m sure someone who’s owned a manual for many years would find their way around these issues but I’m in the “first manual at 30" club so California drivers will have to bear with me while I iron out the car and my driving style.


Looks like tomorrow I’ll look into the gas pedal / throttle issue.

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