Hey! Long Time No Post!

Hey! Can you guess what I did to my car recently? :D

Hey guys! Long time no see! I’ve been meaning to post about the stuff that’s been happening to my car, but sadly life has sort of taken over (especially the trying-to-find-a-job-to-pay-for-college bit, which has hit a dead end as far as I’m concerned).

Anyways, to the first and obvious point. Two months ago my Spec-D Headlights with LED DRLs came in, and I installed them on the weekend of my finals for the year (I know, dumb idea, I know). Thankfully the car didn’t give me too many issues with installation (just a few stripped bolts in the process, nothing major). Below are some photos of the bumper off and after we got the headlights installed (more about the zip ties in the opening pic later).

Close-up of the headlight with those LED DRLs. :)
Close-up of the headlights at night

But yeah, so the headlights turned out great!

Now, about the zip ties. You know how I mentioned earlier we had 5 stripped bolts in the process? Well 3 of them were what held the plastic shielding to the bumper under the car. My dad and I figured we’ll just put it back on without those bolts to hold one of the two panels in place. Yeah, bad idea...


Long story short, when I got to my low-pay workplace later that night for a night shift, the one shield had worked its way loose and was caught up in front of my radiator. I drove down the highway with the plastic shield scraping pavement at over 100km/h, and the whole time I thought it was just added wind noise since we had stripped one other bolt in the passenger side headlight bracket. Had to call up my dad at 11 at night, and he arrived at my car, pulled the stuck shield out, and zip tied the other half to the bumper (which is how it currently sits now).

Also of relevant importance to the car (no photos of though yet), I got the windows re-tinted! Yeah, the 10+-year-old tint in my car was already a faded blue, and due to the multiple summers, there was bubbling and peeling occurring on the tint (most notably the rear hatch, which made it impossible for me to see clearly out of). $275 later, and I got the entire car re-tinted about two weeks ago! Went with a medium tint though, didn’t want anything too dark given the massive blind spot in the C-pillar.


Anyways, that’s about all I can come up with for now as far as an update on my car goes. Next step is to get new wheels for her. Thinking of going for the TRD 5-spokes that Toyota used to sell as an optional rim choice for the Celica and Corolla/Matrix XRSs.

Oh, and by the way, I have an Instagram now! Not sure if many of you guys use it at all, but if you want to follow me I’ll leave a link in this post.


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