Which is great, because if you get caught going more than 40 km/h over the limit, your car gets impounded. Currently the maximum limit in BC is 110 or 68 MPH.

Let's read on:

"B.C.'s new Transportation minister,Todd Stone has just called for a review of highway speeds. The last provincially commissioned study was in 2003; it recommended that speed limits on certain stretches of highways be increased by 10 kilometres - to a maximum of 120 kilometres per hour - on some stretches.

The recommendations were ignored by the province and the maximum speed limit in B.C. remains 110 kilometres per hour. On most highways, it's a lacklustre 90 to 100 kilometres an hour.

"Since the [last] study was done almost 10 years ago, billions of dollars have been invested to build, or upgrade most of the major corridors in British Columbia," mr. Stone told the National Post on Wednesday, via email. "As well, newer vehicles have more safety features. because of these changes, I don't think it's prudent to respond to recommendations based on 10-year-old data. I have asked for a review that will take into account the latest research from around the world, as well as the specific characteristics of B.C. highways, such as the highway geometry, local land use [the driving environment] and the volume and mix of traffic.

"I have no opinion on a maximum speed limit," mr. Stone added. "I look forward to hearing from British Columbians who are, in many cases, local experts on the highways they use."


[(Taken from the National Post). ](http://news.nationalpost.com/2013/09/11/dri…)

That's the article: here is my opinion;


In most cases, I actually don't think BC's speed limits are that bad especially compared to other provinces like Ontario, where the limits are just ridiculous.


The 110 limits on the coquihalla highway, and the island highway IMHO are actually ok, because these aren't proper freeways. However, I dont drive in BC much anymore (having moved away 7 years ago) and thus will defer to the locals. One area where I do agree the speed limit should be raised is on the Barnet Highway, especially East Bound after Hastings ends but before Kask Bro's concrete.

60? What da hell for?

There are no entrances or exits off the road. The limit should at least be 80. I'm also sick of the light at Kask bros going red for no damn reason other than to slow the traffic down.


I wish my adopted province, Ontario would do this, they actually have real freeways, and yet the limits are lower for no good reason. Damn it, Ontario.

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