arriving back from christmas in the mountains I was delighted to find a package, a big package, a tall package, a package that had that dumb internet name I use printed on a real address thinger

well, that’s neat an all, but...

well, it’s from VViViD Vinyl (care of my secret senna) and it’s for the pretifyin’ of me roof.

the above MS-Paint concept is my exterior plans for my impreza. Lately things have been pretty delayed by a basement renovation project, but things are coming together slowly. I’ve done the foglights and headlights, I bought these wheels, the red vinyl for the single spoke is ordered, I’m chasing a guy who has the sideskirts locally (fingers crossed I dont get murdered) and adding to the ever increasing several boxes of parts for both exterior and interior mods is the faux CF vinyl for the roof.



my basement renovation has still left me with a garage that looks like this. it’s shameful, but look, wheels, tires, and under that pink pool is a mountain of car parts waiting to go in. well... just as soon as I can park in a warm garage and poor Ruqus isn’t left out here.


anyway, a big thanks to my secret senna, whoever you are, and I promise that as soon as I get my garage back (mid-jan) I’ll post some updates.

Now excuse me, I need to install a shower door, and a toilet, and door hardware, and hvac vents, and carpet, and stain a barndoor, and... and... and...


did you know, despite these being like $600 you can raid craigslist for the hardware for $20 and make your own door for like $60? This door hides an unfinished storage area that will house ALLL that crap filling my side of the garage.


getting SO close now! trim and paint, it’s really getting down to the minor bits.

a non-mspaint render of the basement project :D