So yeah. I made this about car living in Indonesia. Because Indonesian car enjoys, well, a rather harsh life in here.
And Let's begin from the top, Shall we?

Rolls Royce is one of the most expensive car in here. I mean, really Expensive.
The base model for Phantom sells for 1.3 Million Dollars. The Ghost is slightly cheaper in 1 Million Dollars. But, do they enjoy a great life?
The answer is, No.
Rolls-Royce is usually end up as a rental car that you can rent for 1500US$ per day for Ghost, and 2000 for Phantom. And Wedding car.
Even i remember on day an asshat take this car for a swim:

But i'm a bit surprised they survive! :D

*it's a bit leaking here and there. But the car did run for a mile or two until the driver need to be rescued by Fire Rescue.

Anyway, don't forget everyone that so jealous looking at your car, and take a picture of them, like this:


And then, there's a problem with service.
If you live in a capital city, like Jakarta, you can simply take this car to them and let the mechanics do their job.

But if you try to own this thing outside Jakarta, like, Bali. You have to ship this car all the way to Jakarta. That's embarassing.

Okay, supposed you can live with that issue. Then you'll take your Rolls Royce for a spin in the city. It's really nice car, really.

But then you pass this area just across the bridge:


You'll feel sad.
I remember riding in my boss's Ghost, talking about BTS upgrade from 3G to 4G, and i don't even care what he said when we pass this area. I really want to stop the car and well, share some of my happiness with them.

But that's not the worst.
This is the worst:

Stupid youngsters with stripped out Kawasaki Ninja. They're street legal as long as it has light, plate numbers, and you riding and wearing helmet. Imagine when one of these crash to your Rolls Royce. It's horrible.Some people even gave up owning Rolls-Royce and sell them for a bargain. Some even sold that as low as 150k (yes, it's still expensive, but at least it's a bargain.)


But there's a funny things too :D

If you pop up in a shopping centre with a Rolls Royce, the security came along with yellow cones to protect your car. And you still pay the same for park, 50cent/hour.

Then the police also very kind to Rolls Royce owner.

One day, my boss was driving at the bus line. Then the police come over and stop him, tell him that he shouldn't drive in a bus's lane. He even offer him to guard him and get road priority (like a president) for 50USD :D


The conclusion is, Rolls Royce is a great car, but i don't know why Rolls Royce is not suited for indonesia. Too good to driven here, you Rolls..