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Hey Mazda: I'm a dad, and I'm still "me".

It’s been a while since I’ve posted much on Oppo (or anywhere. Been busy.). But this rubs me the wrong way EVERY. DAMN. TIME. I see it. For most of the commercial, it’s not awful (sure, we can unpack the sexism, the privilege, etc. But that’s not why I’m here.)... but the last line “Reminds you of when you were you”.
The arc of this story isn’t terribly far from my own - early 40s, had a Miata just after college, swapped it for a bigger and more sensible hatch, now driving a minivan with 2 kids in the back. And you know what? I’m still “me”. The last line of the commercial is gross and insulting - like having a family, driving a minivan .... that’s just a distraction; as soon as you can, you need to ditch those leeches and get back into a roadster so you can be “you” again.
Two more things I have to point out: First, look at “Dad” at 0:48. He’s unshaven, pale, unhappy-looking. Things are Not OK. And in the last scene - he’s smiling, but he’s alone. What happened to the wife and kids? The more I look at his face in that 0:48 scene, the more creeped out I get.
OK, one last thing - at 0:33....just nope. I’ve had long hair and driven a Miata. Unless they did something radical to improve in-cabin turbulence since the NA, you DON’T drive or ride in one with hair like that. Put it in a ponytail or a hat or something, otherwise you’re gonna be spending some serious painful time with a brush when you’re done.

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