I could use your experience. Would you do me a favor and tell me if I’m making a good call here?

I haven’t had a working oil pressure or water temp gauge since buying the car. I figure now is a good time to fix that, while I still have leftover wrenching confidence from my last successful car project. So, I asked my Miata buddy for what he would do, and he pointed me towards these two products, saying that they’re what he used for quite awhile and they’re hard to beat for my needs. I normally listen to him because he’s a Miata genius, wins championships, and crushes track records, etc., but he’s busy and stopped responding.

What do you think? Keep in mind despite the projects I’ve done in the past and detailed on here, I’m a total noob when it comes to all things mechanical. I don’t have the slightest idea how to install these things (yet) and I don’t even know where my oil pressure and water temp sensors are? Is that even what they’re called..? What are senders then..? How does a thermostat relate to the water temp sensor? Do I need that too..? Uhm. Well... Anyways, here are the products. Any info you could take from the product page and translate into non-mechanic speak would be appreciated. I’m mostly wondering if these are complete packages and would solve my problem, getting me accurate oil and water info, or if I’d also need to buy something else along with these to get it all hooked up. A la a new thermostat, or some kind of sandwich plate to plug things into.

Oh and one more question! Is there any reason I would also want to monitor oil temperature at this point? Okay that’s it! Thank you in advance, 100 Miata points for any and all helpers